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  Danzanravjaa Otgonbaatar ( Danzka )

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    I’m Mongolian, and when I was young, I grew up in the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle and in a beautiful natural environment. My goal in establishing this business is to showcase the best Mongolian products and Mongolian culture. 

  • Our company makes 2 main types of ger. We make 2 choices of ger: the typical with a paint and  the luxurious with craving as handmade. We have 2 separate manufacturing industry that separately make above 2 types of ger, where the typical ger is made within 14-20 days and the luxurious within 1-2 months. The main distinction of our company from all other companies is our ger the critical input quality which 80% percent of Mongolian ger is made of wood. We have our separate wood drying room, where dried and pure wood is deemed as the essential factor of Mongolian ger. The ger quality will boost when made by pure dried wood, and conversely if made of humid wood. Our staffs and graver has 10-20 years of work experiences, and the best ones in our national level, that guarantees our product quality and service. Another important thing is the quality of felt. A premium quality felt emit least smell, has longer durability and people feel uncomfortable to live in a ger with strong felt smell. We made ger insulation by quality felt without any smell. You could order your desired size of ger as contacting with our team.

    • A typical ger is solely painted and decorated by Mongolian traditional pattern and rather cheaper compared with niche ger.
    • Luxuries ger is rooted on Mongolian national hand carving, thus takes longer period to make. It has high expenses of labor and input.  

And Our company has 2 project 

1. Www.Easyyurt.com ( which is this business ) 

2. Www.mongolemeel.com ( Which is Mongolian first taxi and service app)  


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